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12th May 2022

3 simple but effective ways to prep your skin for the summer

Brought to you by Perfectil

Everyone should be following these simple summer skincare tips…

Now that we’re officially into the summer and the weather is finally starting to improve, it’s important to give your skin the extra attention it needs.

There can be some huge benefits that come with adapting your skincare routine as the seasons change, especially if we’re fortunate enough to get the sunny summer we’re hoping for.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some top tips to protect your skin this summer.

From giving your skin the right nutritional support to protecting it in warmer conditions, here are some extra steps you can incorporate into your summer skincare routine…

1. Never skip SPF

Look, we know you’re sick of hearing it. But if you’re not already wearing SPF on a daily basis, you really should be.

UVB rays from the sun can be the leading cause of several common skin complains, including ageing, dullness and pigmentation. So, even we don’t get the scorching summer we’re hoping for, you should be wearing SPF everyday to protect your skin.

And remember to reapply throughout the day. Generally, you should be reapplying your SPF every two hours or as often as possible to ensure you’re getting the best protection.

2. Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients for your skin

Everyday factors like pollution, lifestyle and diet can have a big affect on your skin, but the right supplement can go a long way towards tackling these issues.

That’s why Perfectil Skin is the perfect supplement to incorporate into your summer skincare routine to help you achieve good skin from within.

Containing all the amazing nutritional benefits of Perfectil Original, which has biotin, zinc & selenium to support healthy skin, hair and nails, this holy grail product has some additional ingredients that have been specially chosen to better support your skin and give it the nutritional support it needs.

Some of the incredible ingredients include biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, essential Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and Omega 6 fatty acids from starflower and blackcurrant seed oil.

It’s different to other beauty supplements in that it has a patent protected formula that provides amazing support for skin, with loads of essential micronutrients that will do your skin the world of good. Perfectil works by delivering this nourishment through the bloodstream, helping you achieve good skin from within, just in time for the summer. Ideal!

Perfectil is available in pharmacies, health food stores and Tesco stores nationwide for just €29.99, or online HERE.

3. Avoid heavy makeup

With a busy social calendar of nights out, holidays and events ahead, it’s likely you’ll want to reach for you makeup bag on a couple of occasions.

But, if we’re blessed with sunny weather this summer, it might be worth cutting down on how much makeup you’re wearing.

During the summer, when humidity and heat are at play, it’s more important than ever to let your skin breathe. Not only will it feel much more comfortable, but it can help avoid your pores getting clogged and any unwanted breakouts taking hold.

Perfectil’s range of beauty vitamins and minerals provide specific support to help maintain great looking skin, hair and nails all year round. Perfectil works by delivering nourishment through the bloodstream, working ‘from within’. Why not pick up a pack of Perfectil Skin in pharmacies, health food stores and Tesco stores nationwide for only €29.99? For more information on the Perfectil range, visit Perfectil online

Brought to you by Perfectil