A two-ingredient rinse is all you need:

  • ½ tablespoon of ACV
  • 1 cup of cold water

Always use raw, organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar—and always with the mother, as that will have the most nutrients. With your apple cider vinegar of choice, mix in ½ tablespoon of ACV for every 1 cup of cold water to dilute the vinegar.

Now, use an old, clean spray bottle – or any bottle with a nozzle that makes it easy to distribute over your hair and scalp. Let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute, then rinse off well.

How often should your rinse with ACV?

If you have really oily hair with lots of build-up, you might consider using the apple cider vinegar rise after every shampoo – until the problem feels better. Remember, this is a fresh product, so do make your ACV rinse fresh before every use.

Other than that, consider using this rinse once a week, as a special treat for your scalp and hair. This will help cleanse the hair, remove any buildup from product that your regular shampoo can’t get, and add shine as it’s laying the cuticle down flat.

Keep in mind that no one’s hair is exactly the same—plus individual hair and scalp changes with the environment, weather, and lifestyle. So treat your hair like you do your face, and understand you’ll likely need to try a few ways out to find something that works for you.