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23rd Apr 2019

We’ve been using setting spray all wrong… and here’s the proof

The one makeup trick I'll be sticking with this summer.

Orlaith Condon

If you’re a girl who falls into the oily skin category – I feel your pain.

While in the winter, we can just about get away with a quick powder around midday, this time of year leaves us reaching for tissues every hour.

Yes, if you’ve become a full-time Sweaty Betty in the last few days, then you’ve probably just given up on makeup altogether.

However, after a late night binge on YouTube makeup tutorials (am I an MUA yet?) I learned one trick that has changed my summer makeup application habits forever.

We all know the drill – moisturise, primer, foundation, powder and/or setting spray.

We’re tired just listing it, but this is the routine that most of the professionals seem to recommend.

However, some beauty gurus say that we’ve been doing it all wrong – and I think they’re right.

For the last two weeks I’ve been applying my moisturiser, primer and foundation as normal and then giving my face a quick spritz of setting spray.

Going about my morning routine for a minute or two, I let that dry in and then go back in and set that with my translucent powder – scandalous, I know.

When I heard this first I thought there is no way this will work and everything will just slide right off my face, until I look like a half melted Cinnamon Stick scented Yankee Candle.

But no. Lunch time came and went, and I didn’t have to do a thing.

After work coffee with friends, and I didn’t need any touch-ups.

Even when I got home after being out and about all day in the heat, my makeup was still pretty respectable.

Apart from the general mouth area, which could have done with a quick blend, I was looking fairly similar to how I did when I left home at 7am.

Nearly two weeks later and I’m still loving this routine – think we’re on to a winner here.