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07th Jun 2019

I went for a hydradermabrasion skin treatment and I was legit glowing afterwards

Jade Hayden

hydradermabrasion treatment

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never had a decent facial before.

I’ve had some creams rubbed into my cheeks, I’ve had someone massage my forehead with moist fingertips, and I’ve sat watching reruns of Friends in a cheap sheet mask for two hours.

But a proper, deep-cleaning, getting right into the pores treatment? Nah, never heard of it mate.

Then the Hydradermabrasion Glow from Dublin’s Burgundy Beauty salon came along and yeah, safe to say I’ll probably be dabbling in the world of skin treatments far more frequently than I used to.

Or at least be taking slight better care of my face going forward.

I landed down to Burgundy’s Blackrock salon over the weekend, unsure of what was to come from this facial, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Before we got started, lovely and very informative skin specialist Michelle told me all I needed to know about the treatment.

She said that the Hydradermabrasion Glow is great for people who want quick results, giving them a natural and healthy-looking glow almost instantly.

Sounds decent enough, in fairness.

So, what does the treatment do? 

According to Burgundy, the Hydradermabrasion Glow reduces uneven tones, brightens skin, improves elasticity, removes black and white heads, and controls sebum secretion.

The treatment does this by giving the face’s pores an extremely deep clean, removing dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. It also removes excess sebum, which can cause acne or oil on the skin.

At 60 minutes in length, the treatment is comprised of three parts – a non-chemical peel that brightens skin, the hydradermabrasion that involves a vacuum with a rotating tip and two jet streams, and 20 minutes under an LED light at the end.

You’re then left with a glowing face that you probably didn’t even realise was in desperate need of bit of brightness before you went in there.


What does it feel like? 

Nothing like I thought it would… in the best way possible.

The vacuum has considerable suction but not enough that the treatment is at all uncomfortable or even mildly irritating.

Rather, it just feel like a tiny little hoover is sucking all the bad stuff out of your face and, in turn, hydrating it to bits.

The vacuum may have been pulling my skin into it and giving my pores an excessively deep clean, but it was surprisingly gentle and actually quite relaxing to just lie there and let the applicator do its job.

The followup LED light felt like an LED light so nothing major to report there.

What were the results like? 

Honestly? Very decent.

I’ve got pretty-alright-not-too-much-trouble skin as it is so I wasn’t expecting a massive and specific difference considering my problem areas are restricted to a bit of dryness and a patch of red here and there.

However, my before and after pictures show that my skin was considerably brighter just minutes after the treatment finished (bearing in mind that I was deathly hungover at the time and that my face really shouldn’t have been that unhealthily white to begin with).

Here’s me before:

And here’s me after:

The redness around my cheeks had reduced considerably, but the real result came with the total disappearance of my milia.

You probably can’t see them in either of the pictures above but I’ve been plagued with tiny white spots under my eyes for years.

Never really understanding what they were or how to get rid of them, I assumed they were something to do with constantly wearing glasses and incorrectly presumed that they would simply be there forever.

Michelle informed me that milia aren’t clogged pores, but keratin that has become trapped under the skin. She also said that the treatment would reduce them considerably and yeah, she was correct.

The spots were entirely gone by the end of the session and a week later, just a few of them have popped back up again.

That stunning glow though, she remains.

Can anyone get the treatment? 

Pretty much, yes, if you’ve got a spare €130 lying about.

The Hydradermabrasion Glow is an extremely non-invasive procedure with very natural products so it’s possible for people with all skin types and of all ages to avail of its benefits.

Tell your consultant what you want to achieve ahead of time and they’ll be able to adjust the treatment to suit your skin type and needs.

The LED light includes four different fixtures – blue, red, yellow, and green – each of which can provide a different result depending on where your skin needs help most.

It’s a treatment that’s very much tailored to the client’s needs, so you won’t need to worry about receiving a one-size-fits-all facial that doesn’t really do much for your skin at all.

However, if you do have any concerns about whether you should opt for the treatment, or any other similar facials, you should always ask a skin care specialist.

The Hydradermabrasion Glow was a complimentary treatment provided by Burgundy in exchange for a fair and a honest review. 

You can find out more about the treatment here.