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29th Mar 2019

Doing THIS to your hair dryer once a week will make a big difference to your hair

OK, we've NEVER done this.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

A good hair dryer is up there with the most essential and basic of hair-care tools.

Because even if you’re a wash ‘n’ go type of gal, you need a decent device to tame your tresses.

But how many of us actually take care of our hair dryers? How many of us give it a weekly treatment, for example?

Very, very few…


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However, giving your hair dryer a spot of TLC by regularly cleaning the vent at the back will not only make it last longer – it’s also better for your hair because a clogged up machine is liable to overheat and do more damage to your strands.

It’s a fact that hair-care experts Lanai – the same brand that make the celebrity-loved LanaiBLO hair dryer – recently reminded us of.

“Top tip!” a post on their Instagram reads. “To ensure your LanaiBLO Hairdryer is at its best at all times – Make sure you clean the filter as often as possible!”

Hear, hear, we say!

So if you’ve never cleaned the filter (hands up!) you should probably go off and do that sharpish; the vents inevitably get clogged up with product like hair-spray as well as dust particles – meaning your device won’t operate as well as it should.

LanaiBLO – a product you can personalise too with a name – is a 2400 watt hair dryer that’s still incredibly light. It means you can dry your tresses in lightning-quick time. Furthermore, the hair dryer has an anti-static effect so that the cuticle of your hair becomes smooth as you dry and you get a shiny finish.

Otherwise, the below vent-cleaning tutorial also features on the Lanai Official instagram highlights: