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09th Mar 2018

We are absolutely shocked and saddened by the latest eyebrow trend


God no.

This is just getting ridiculous.

We know that trends come and go, and let’s be honest, half of them we don’t take seriously… but this just looks bizarre.

And we might as well forget about tweezing and waxing, because this eyebrow trend just got kicked up a notch.

We’ve seen it all from squiggle brows to embellished brows, but you can now say hello to halo brows.

Yep, a blogger in the UK has created the concept… and we’re just very confused about it.

Hannah Lyne said on Instagram that she came up with the idea while discussing different trends with her friend.

She came up with this…

And to be honest we don’t know what to think about it… like we don’t want to rain on her parade but would anyone really wear this?

Either way, we suppose it’s a bit of fun… and whatever floats your boat!