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03rd Aug 2015

Want to Look Amazing In Your Pictures? It’s All About the “Squinch”

Move over duckface, you've had your day.

Move over duckface, there’s a new go-to posing style for the selfie-conscious. 

Almost two years after it was first published, a video from New York based photographer Peter Hurley is spreading like wildfire across the world wide web.

In the tutorial, Hurley advises that “squinching” is a technique that will help you look less “fearful and uncertain” in your photos.

To squinch, you must:

  • Lower the distance between your lower eyelid and your pupil.
  • Squint a little bit to bring the top lid down just a touch.

Hey presto – you’re DAZZLING! Watch the video to see the real effect the technique has on models.

This just might change your picture game forever.