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12th Aug 2020

Want a snatched nose? These contouring hacks are making waves online and they’re pretty simple!

Let the power of light do the work for you!

Cassie Stokes

I would very much like to be the contour queen!

Contouring is nothing new, the Kardashians are responsible for bringing it into our lives and I think we should thank them for that. Playing with light is fantastic and it can really shape your face without forking out for reams of surgery!

I can speak from experience here that you definitely have to get used to contouring, personally I ran in to a good few mishaps, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could lose a nose with the swipe of a brush.

I’ve been contouring for a few years now and I’m at the stage where I don’t wear too much makeup and I’m pretty confident in my contouring abilities. I contour with a little bronzer and my actual skin colour helps me out with the highlight of it all. It’s fantastic, you should try it!

These days face shapes and what’s meant to be ‘in fashion’ changes like the tide, one day it’s sexy to have big lips, the next it’s all about the tiny nose. In my opinion it should be all about contouring what you have and celebrating it, don’t try change your face, embrace your face and enjoy the angles of you!

So, on that note I want to tell you about a few new contouring tips that could help with your day to day look.

Let’s start with how to contour your nose perfectly. The trend at the moment is very much a Maura Higgins nose, also known as the snatched nose trend so if you like that look then this one is for you.

The nose can be a tricky one, too much contour and your nose is gone and too little your nose is somehow also gone! This TikTok user has explained it in a few simple steps, using a few blending brushes and products that will help you get that ‘snatched’ nose look in no time.

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Another contouring trend people online have been trying out is the natural contouring trick which involves carefully placing SPF on your face for natural colour from the sun. We don’t advice doing this but if you’re using high factors and you are looking after your skin then it’s up to you.

So what you are going to do with this is get your SPF 35 and out that all over your face and then smear a bit of SPF 90 in places that you would usually highlight, so your jawline and bridge of your nose.

Eli Withrow, an LA model, swears by it and says it gives you a “naturally snatched” look. Watch the video below.

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