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20th Jan 2019

Say goodbye to smudged nails with this GENIUS drying trick

This will save us HEAPS of time
This trick will save you mountains of time

We all love having freshly painted talons.

Problem is, we NEVER have the time to let them dry, so what do we end up with? Smudged nails… not cute. Here we are thinking the only answer is to run off to the salon and fork out the cash for a shellac, this is not the case.

The Her ladies have you covered.

Ice and water. Fill a bowl of water with ice, dunk your freshly painted nails in, brace yourself as it WILL be chilly, hold them under for a few minutes, and voila! The ice water will help the varnish set and your nails will dry faster.

Credit (Kathleen Kamphausen photography)

Now, we’re not saying it will be instantaneous, it’s ice, not magic, but it does work.

Now you can get that shirt you’ve been eyeing up instead of wasting your hard earned cash at the salon.