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30th Apr 2022

‘Vacation glow hair’ is trending – and here is how you achieve it

vacation glow hair

Yes, please.

We are all familiar with the summer glow – you know – skin that just looks the perfect amount of sun-kissed and radiant, often with a sprinkle of freckles and that tell-tale glow you just seem to radiate in the summer, especially right after you come home from a sun holiday?

It is the Holy Grail of summer skin, and many makeup products (bronzers, blushes, even freckle pens) have been created so that we can all achieve it – without having even left our desks or back gardens.

However, did you know summer glow is a thing when it comes to your hair as well – and that this summer, this is really what summer hair should be all about.

Yep – ‘vacation glow hair’ is trending – and the good news? You can still achieve the same vibes – whether you are booked onto a flight somewhere warm and delicious – or not.


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Et innlegg delt av Nikki Lee | Hairstylist (@nikkilee901)

According to Glamour magazine, vacation glow hair is really a twist on classic balayage highlights, and is all about giving your hair a pretty, sun-kissed look, even if you’re staying put. It might be a subtle change, but trust us, it will make a big impact, and honestly, when you see how pretty it looks, you’ll be convinced too.