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30th Sep 2019

Bring clingfilm next time you travel to ensure your beauty products don’t burst

How did we not think of this?

Well that seems obvious…

Nothing will ruin a holiday quicker than arriving at our destination to discover your suncream or gradual tanner has burst in your suitcase, ruining your clothes and leaving you without one of your beauty essentials for your trip.

Luckily, one Twitter user has come to our rescue with a clever packing hack for your makeup and skincare just in time for holiday season.

And, of course, this nifty trick was thought of by someone’s mum. It was first posted in 2017, but since holiday season is fast approaching, it’s been doing the rounds again.

Clingfilm inside the lids of your bottles? It’s ingenious! So ingenious that we’re kicking ourselves for not having thought of it.

Other Twitter users were also grateful for the hack.

God bless you, sir.