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16th Jan 2020

The three products I swear by for making my hair extensions softer than ever

Keep them looking like you're straight out of the hairdresser!

Denise Curtin

There’s nothing quite like the day you get a new set of extensions in.

Out with the old – bonds below your ears, and in with the new – sleek, soft hair.

For those who chase the dream of a thicker, fuller head of hair, including myself, it really is a hashtag blessing to be able to achieve the look without actually having the natural hair growth, genetics and other various factors that contribute to thinner stands.

Yes, extensions provide serious happiness and although they say money can’t buy happiness, leaving the hairdresser with a brand new head of hair is up there my friends, it’s up there.

But as extensions are expensive, maintenance is key in getting both longevity and value for money – click here for my article on top maintenance tips.

From using the correct extension brush to blow-drying the hair until it’s completely dry, the way you look after your extensions will reflect in how they look and feel over time.

One question I’m often asked since I first published the maintenance article is about the type of shampoo I use. As extensions are prone to getting knotty and dry, it’s very important that you choose the correct shampoo and conditioner.

My current extensions – half head of bonds for thickness 

I can’t emphasise this enough but avoid using the family shampoo that happens to be in your shower and secondly, make sure the shampoo is sulfate-free.

As the hair in your extensions is not attached to your head, the hair doesn’t receive the natural oils from your scalp. Sulfates, in turn will dry out your extensions and strip them of their colour.

Hence them becoming knotty and feeling crispy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made every error possible when it comes to extensions, but since I’ve paid more attention to my haircare regime, my extensions have never felt better.

I now swear by Pureology.

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Pureology products are sulfate-free, 100 percent vegan and packed with enriching and nourishing components like jojoba, green tea and sage to condition the hair while multi-weight proteins like soy, oat and wheat give colour retention and shine.

There’s a variety of Pureology products on the market but as a brunette with extensions, I’ve found the Hydrate bundle (shampoo and conditioner) to be an absolute winner time and time again.

Lastly, after double washing my hair and conditioning, post-shower I use a few pumps leave-in conditioner.

For me, leave-in conditioner acts as the cherry on top in terms of locking in the softness and shine and my go-to (that’s also perfect travel size) is from QUAI.

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With leave in conditioner, just towel dry your hair, spritz in a few pumps of the product to the ends of your hair and just blow-dry it as normal.

Not only is this product one you’ll get addicted to but it’s not expensive either and it smells unreal.

Winner all around.