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07th Sep 2019

This shaving hack for ingrown hairs will honestly change your life

You’re welcome.

Shaving can be such a pain (literally).

The absolute effort of it alone is enough to drive anyone to drink.

It takes ages and you’re always bent into an awkward position, but the WORST has to be those pesky ingrown hairs.

They are THE DEVIL.

Despite the fact that shaving is a nightmare, for most of us it is a necessary evil.

Well, I may have the answer to your problems – but it is a little odd.

ingrown hairs

Recently, beauty blogger Jessie B posted a video talking about how she avoids ingrown hairs while shaving her bikini line.

“These tips have honestly saved me, like absolutely saved me.”


There are a few steps for Jessie, but honestly, if you can avoid ingrown hairs – we are all in.

So step one involves giving yourself a little trim down there, and hopping into a warm bath (softens the hair follicles, you see).

The next step is where things take a turn for the unusual.

Jessie refuses to use shaving foam, or soap of any kind.

What does she use, I hear you ask? OLIVE OIL.

Simply cover the area you’re planning to shave with a couple of drops of olive oil. Simples.

“I will soak my whole vagina basically in olive oil,” Jessie said.

Olive oil is a great source of hydration and is packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can benefit the skin.


Jessie’s YouTube video has amassed over 2 million views, so she must be on to something.