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12th Sep 2017

This popular Lush product was inspired by Princess Diana

We never knew this.

Keeley Ryan

How did we not know this?

Princess Diana was an incredible and inspiring woman for many people across the globe.

And while her charity work ensures that she will never be forgotten, the 36 year old also became a sort of fashion and beauty icon – known for her vivid blue eyeliner and flushed cheeks.

But it turns out one of our favourite brands drew inspiration from the Princess of Wales, with one of Lush’s biggest products inspired by Diana.

Mark Constantine is one of the co-founders of Lush, along with Elizabeth Weir.

The pair set up their first company, Constantine and Weir, in the early 1980s before they were bought out by the Body Shop.

They dabbled in the makeup industry for a few years with their new venture Cosmetics To Go, before ultimately launching Lush in 1995.

And now Mark has revealed how one of the company’s most popular moisturisers was inspired by Princess Diana herself.

The Princess of Wales brought in her favourite moisturiser to meet with Mark one day – and he made sure to take note of the formula.

The cosmetic whizz later based Lush’s Gorgeous Moisturiser on the Princesses favourite moisturiser – and it proved to be a longstanding hit.

The product, which retails for £42.50 (€47.17) online, is described as being a “light but highly effective” face cream that will “leave your skin feeling like velvet”.

The description reads:

“A light but highly effective face cream. We’ve filled this with freshly-juiced fruits, cold-pressed and organic oils to leave your skin feeling like velvet.

“Made fresh in small batches, we’ve used fresh pineapples, which contain enzymes to refine pores, fresh organic lemon and orange juices encouraging the skin to stay matte and to help remove dead skin cells, and orange blossom honey water to soothe and moisturise.”