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12th Oct 2023

The Crown slated over ‘tasteless’ Princess Diana storyline

Princess Diana’s death will feature in the final season

‘The Crown’ is set to return to Netflix this winter, but viewers are not impressed with one Princess Diana storyline in particular. Millions are set to tune into the historical drama series when it returns to Netflix for its final season.

However, viewers have expressed concerns about a story regarding Princess Diana. According to reports, the late princess is set to appear in the show as a ghost.

The move has been criticised with many agreeing that it is ‘tasteless’.

One said: “Diana’s fans (with good reason) and those of us who will probably skip the first part.”

“For god’s sake! Let the poor woman rest in peace!” said another.

A third added: “Please leave this woman’s memory alone. There is enough drama in the royal family without bringing in Diana’s ghost. Focus on that and let her RIP.”

Many defended the show and said it is a drama series so there will be more dramatic elements.

One said: “People are forgetting that the show isn’t meant to be accurate….it’s a DRAMA.”

Royal correspondent Michael Cole told GB News that the Princess Diana storyline is ‘very tasteless’.

“It’s very sad, it’s very tasteless – we miss her, I certainly do, 26 years on. Let her rest in peace,” he stressed.

Earlier this week, Netflix confirmed the show will return in November and again in December.

‘The Crown’s’ final season will draw to a conclusion this year with two parts debuting on Netflix on November 16th and December 14th respectively. 

The first four episodes (Part 1) depict a relationship blossoming between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed before a fateful car journey has devastating consequences.

Part 2 of the Netflix series will feature just six episodes.