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02nd Nov 2018

This makeup brush ‘hack’ is the most bizarre thing we have ever seen


Keeley Ryan

Makeup brush cleaners

We are all about DIY and ‘hacks’ when it comes to our beauty routines.

A three-ingredient face mask? Count us in. A trick to transform your false lashes? Yeah, sounds good. How about a DIY dupe of Fenty’s Body Lava? We’ll try that too.

But there’s a new beauty ‘hack’/DIY that is doing the rounds on the internet – and it’s taking things too far.

The tutorial, put together by Five Minute Crafts, shows a woman going to extreme lengths for a new makeup brush… by using her own hair.

It begins with her chopping off a huge chunk of her hair (seriously, did she need to cut that much?!) and…kind of looking like she’s going to cry when she looks at the hair in her hand.

She then takes an old pencil and glues her hair onto the end – the part where the eraser normally is.

She chops the hair down so it’s almost the lengthy of a fan brush, before chopping it again into tiny bristles.

So, again: did she really need to cut off that much hair in the first place?

The woman then sweeps brown eyeshadow across her eyelids, as if her DIY makeup brush is the most normal thing in the entire world.

Twitter user @malicioustaurus shared the clip online, where it soon went viral – and people were horrified by the whole thing.