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29th Aug 2015

This Is the One Thing That Turns Women Off More than Anything Else

Is this really the worst thing a guy can have?


What’s the one thing that’s more likely to turn you off a man than anything else?

According to Men’s Health, it’s probably not the oft cited bad breath. Instead, it’s nose hair.

The magazine carried out a survey with more than 400 Women’s Health readers and found that 46 per cent of those surveyed believed visible nose hair was a worse offence than terrible breath.


While they’re not the most attractive part of the human body, hairs in your nostrils do perform a valuable function – keeping foreign particles from entering your body.


Speaking to the magazine, image consultant Craig Whitely recommended using trimmers as often as necessary to remove visible hair.

“A lot of research has shown it’s okay to remove more, but to protect yourself from things like allergies and pollen, I say it’s best to leave everything you can’t see”,  he added.