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21st Aug 2023

The Irish brand with a waiting list of 21,000 is now stocked in Sephora

Scalp care brand Act+Acre is now available at Sephora both in-store and online, and is one of the first Irish brands to be stocked there

While in Ireland we are yet to access the wonders of Sephora on our own soil, this is great news for the Irish beauty industry, as Act+Acre is an Irish brand with an Irish female founder.

Originally from Ireland, founder Helen Reavey and her husband Colm created and patented the Cold Processed technique to create their plant-based products, meaning the brand avoids the traditional heat-based production, which can lessen the potency of nutrients in seed oils.

Sustainability is key to the brand, through the packaging they use and their ingredients – and they even fund wind farms in Mumbai.

After a surge in growth, with sales spiking by 210% year on year at the brand, it has cemented its position as a market leader in the oft under-catered for scalp care category.

Their fan favourite best-seller is a 2% Stem Cell H2-Grow Complex Scalp Serum which sells a bottle a minute – racking up a waitlist of 21,000 in the past.

Founder Helen Reavey is a certified trichologist and the founder of the brand. She says: “When we started out no one was talking about scalp care – we launched Act+Acre not to create a brand but to create a category that focused on the root of hair and scalp issues rather than a quick fix.

“Launching in Sephora means we’re one step closer to sharing the importance of scalp health with the world through our clean, science-backed solutions.”

We can’t wait until Sephora get their act together and come here. In the meantime, you can find the brand on Irish beauty website