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23rd May 2016

This beauty hack will ensure that your undereye concealer stays put all day


If you’re a wearer of makeup, you’ll probably rely quite a lot on concealer under your eyes to perk up your face and give the illusion that you got your full eight hours last night.

One problem that we’ve all encountered is the dreaded creasing of your under-eye concealer, giving the game away that you’ve you know, concealed things.

There is apparently a way to avoid this, as Allure write.

A woman was writing on a beauty thread on Reddit, and she sang the praises of a particular beauty YouTuber called Jeffrey Starr for this handy little tip to keep that under-eye concealed all day.

It’s almost too easy:

“I watched Jeffree Star’s video and saw he used a damp Beautyblender with powder to set the under-eyes, instead of a brush and now my under-eyes never crease.”

The video below, shows the fabulous Star demonstrating the tip, and extolling the virtues of using the damp sponge.

After applying the concealer, he then dabs a damp Beautyblender in translucent powder, saying:

“If you’ve never tried this trick, you’re missing out, because the powder literally melts right into your skin.”

(via YouTube/JeffreeStar)
We’re trying this tomorrow.