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14th Oct 2015

The Secret To Instagram-Perfect Brows… Is Concealer?!

Very handy little trick.

Here at Her Towers, we’re big fans of making our beauty products work hard. 

Anything that’s multi-purpose brings a big smile to our faces, and no matter what cosmetics companies will have you believe – you don’t need a massive makeup kit to look immaculate.

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If you thought your concealer was only handy for covering undereye circles and blemishes, think again.

Turns out your cover up could be the secret to those perfectly defined brows that litter your Instagram timeline.

Bridget March, online beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, explained why concealer is “not just about covering spots.”

She said: “You can also use an illuminating highlighter pen to make your brow bones more pronounced and enhance your eyebrows.”


By applying a line of concealer above and below the brows, “literally following your line of hairs”, your brow appears cleaner and more defined.

Once you have applied the line, simply blend away from the hairs with your fingertips.

We have tried this one – and trust us, it really makes your brows pop. Give it a go.


Hat Tip: Cosmopolitan