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13th Nov 2019

I visited the La Mer Spa in Adare manor and it’s honestly the most wonderful place in the world

la mer spa

The most amazing experience.

So, I recently had the luxury of visiting the new La Mer Spa in the stunning Adare Manor.

Lads it was an actual DREAM of a day!

I arrived to the manor with my mother, who had kindly agreed to to the Dublin to Limerick drive.

We were greeted by the lovely Nicole, who is the general manager of the La Mer Spa.

She’s also a beacon of knowledge! Nicole explained that the spa is one of seven in the world, and the only one in Ireland or the UK.

So, it’s pretty damn special.

We were brought to our little changing room, where we slipped into our majestic fluffy robes (which can be bought, FYI).

Then, the true luxury began my friends.

While myself and my mum filled out our consultation forms, we were given lovely little cups of green juice.

Which, btw, was sourced locally – something that the manor does as much as possible.

I was then introduced to Kaisia, who would be doing my glorious facial.

When asked what treatment I would prefer, I opted for La Mer’s iconic Miracle Broth Facial (it would have been rude not to sure).

This facial is all about the famous broth – a substance that is unique to this particular treatment.

What is it, I hear you ask? Well, there’s a story in it…

It all started when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in an experiment gone awry.

Living by the sea, Dr.Huber was constantly inspired by marine life, particularly the self-regenerating properties of giant sea kelp.

Sooo… Dr. Huber eventually created his own method of unlocking potent activity from such pure ingredients, using the power of fermentation.

And BOOM – the broth was born baby!

There is a bit of this mega-healer in every La Mer product today, but the facial involves a special vial of concentrated broth.

Anyway, the therapist started by spraying a skin-balancing mist over my face to relax followed by a thorough double cleanse.

She then gently scrubbed my face, followed by a toner and lotion essence to kick start cell regeneration (thank you very much).

All great so far.

Then came the best bit – that sweet, sweet facial massage!

After a glorious 15-minute massage, the special Miracle Broth was applied. Would I call it liquid gold? Yes.

A thin layer of Creme de la Mer was massaged onto skin, and a thin gauze was placed over my entire face.

The lovely therapist then used ice cubes (weird but wonderful) to massage my face to help seal in the benefits of the facial.

After the majestic facial, myself and my mum went and had a delicious lunch in the manor.

I had a ham and cheese toastie, because I’m classy like that.

WHAT an experience it was lads!

And listen, I won’t sit here and tell you that the experience won’t cost you, because it absolutely will.

The La Mer Miracle Broth Facial €250 – yes yes, a lot of money, but it’s genuinely worth it.

Two weeks later, and my skin still feels smooth and wonderful – with a genuine glow off it!

If you’re looking for something really special to do in the next few months, I STRONGLY suggest you consider a little staycation in Adare Manor.

You will not regret it.