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25th May 2016

The colour of your eyes can help you choose the best hair shade for you


Planning a change in hair colour?

It turns out your eye colour can help you choose what the best hair shade is for you.

Spotted on Allure, an easy way to gauge whether that icy blonde shade will suit you or make you look like a ghost is to refer to your peepers.

Colorist Lori Goddard spoke to the publication and explained the correlation between hair and eye colour.

Lori, who just so happens to look after Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s locks, said that in her opinion, choosing a colour “is all about the eyes”.

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“If you have really icy blue eyes or very black-brown eyes, those cooler-tones usually synchronise well with cool, icy blondes like Julianne Hough’s”.

However, “if your eyes are golden brown, hazel, or green, you usually look better with a soft, buttery hue”.

Similarly, copper tones and rich darker shades often suit people with brown eyes with Lori citing Emma Watson as an example.

'Regression' Madrid Photocall

Lori says Emma’s “warm, chocolate” eyes contrasts beautifully with “the burnished tones” of her hair.

A handy tip if you’re planning a hair transformation.