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16th Apr 2017

The brunette hair trend you’re seeing everywhere at the moment

This is likely to make you want to book a hair appointment.

Hair trend 1367,908.

Okay, so the above might be an exaggeration but there is no denying that the ‘hair trend’ craze went into overdrive in 2016 and there was a new one practically every day (slight exaggeration perhaps but you get my drift).

Anyhow, there’s a low-maintenance, utterly fabulous, look getting attention at the moment even though it’s not exactly a new style – hey there ‘brunette baby lights’.

The key is in the name here, these aren’t your traditional highlights, it’s all about placing very, very, very soft highlights throughout the hair at the stylist’s discretion.

Obviously, you can bring along pictures to explain the look (and show Instagram posts) of the exact style you want but seeing as this particular hair trend is becoming more and more popular, your hairdresser should know where to go with it.

It’s the ideal way to break up brown hair that can sometimes feel dull and faded, no matter how many products you’ve used that promise to inject shine and warmth.

Although this is a hair trend that can be adapted to suit any skin tone (happy days), celebrity colourist Tracy Cunningham says that certain shades are better suited to cooler/warmer skin tones.

Speaking to Pop Sugar, she said:

“I love a caramel or honey on someone with warmer skin and a chestnut shade on someone with fairer skin”.

Tracey also had a very specific tip which if put into practice will help avoid the dreaded regrowth happing too quickly.

She recommends:

“Keeping a deeper root is a great way to avoid a strong line of outgrowth.”

If you’re a brunette and feel baby lights are something you’d like to try out, have a look at the below Insta posts. Hair envy.

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