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04th Sep 2015

The Beauty Drop – Dove DermaSpa

Get a spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

Cathy Donohue

In our new feature we’re picking a highlight that’s landed on the beauty desk and giving you the lowdown on the beauty break-through, the budget and the reasons you should buy…. 

The Beauty Buzz

We’ve had a sneak peek at Dove DermaSpa, a new collection that combines the indulgence of a spa experience with dermatological technology.

The Beauty Brand

Dove is always our go-to for body lotions and shower gels that smell amazing but don’t cost the earth.

The skincare brand was founded by the Lever Brothers in 1957 and it all began with a simple bar of soap.

Since then, it has evolved considerably and DermaSpa marks a new and exciting launch for the company. Getting the luxury of a spa trip without having to go outside your front door is very intriguing.

The Beauty Break-through

There are three different collections in the DermaSpa range: GOODNESS³, UPLIFTED+ and YOUTHFUL VITALITY.

GOODNESS³ is all about the moisture and it’s the first body care line to mix omega oil with Cell-Moisturisers™, simply put, this is your one stop shop to baby soft skin *it also smells gorgeous*


UPLIFTED+ is the collection aimed at restoring elasticity and suppleness to the skin. The key product here is the roller-ball serum which gently massages and firms the skin at the same time.


YOUTHFUL VITALITY is aimed at mature skin and it will banish that dull lacklustre appearance, giving your skin that glowing look.


The Beauty Budget

DermaSpa launches this month and the prices are fairly reasonable. The body lotion is priced at €7.99, hand cream is €5.99, body oil is €13.99 and the body cream is €9.99.

They Say:

Dr. Yuko Fukano of Japan, of the Dove Expert Panel, explains: “With the many distractions of busy modern lifestyles, women are becoming increasingly disengaged from their skin. I believe that body moisturising is one of the precious few instances when women can connect with their skin on a daily basis and I think it’s worth women everywhere employing this idea of indulging while caring for the skin on their bodies with a quality product”.

Lise Jorgensen, Global Vice President, Skincare R&D, says: “We know one woman’s skin is very different to the next and therefore have created three collections with unique cues, and unexpected pampering textures with proprietary and clinically proven technologies to deliver an outstanding performance and experience.”


We Say:

As much as we love a spa pampering experience, it can be difficult to find the time and the money to indulge in this treat on a regular basis.

What we’re loving about these Dove products is that leading skincare experts were involved in their creation so you’re getting premium dermatological formulas that smell amazing.

Apply the body lotion or body oil after your shower or bath and it’s a little hint of luxury on a daily basis, we’re complete converts already.