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15th Dec 2015

Tan Tuesdays Are A Thing – Here’s Our Guide To Getting That Golden Glow


When it comes to getting a perfect glow for that big night out, it’s all about making the most of Tan Tuesdays. Are we right?

Let’s face it, our tanning routine is never going to happen on a Monday when we’re still recovering from the weekend and curled up on the sofa catching up with Made In Chelsea. Wednesday is hump day and time to hit the gym. Thursdays are always busy with work nights out or cheeky catch ups with the girls, so that leaves us with Tan Tuesdays to work on our golden glow.

We’ve teamed up with Sally Hansen to bring you a foolproof guide to Tan Tuesdays. Your skin will be left looking bronzed and beautiful – without a streak in sight!

Prep your skin

To achieve best results when tanning, make sure you do some simple legwork. Use a scrub to make your skin soft, smooth and ready for tan. Pay particular attention to the knees, elbows, ankles and heels.

Woman with wet hair standing using a peeling glove in a shower rubbing her shoulder to remove dead cells and rejuvenate her skin in a personal hygiene, skincare and beauty concept, view from behind

The smoother your skin, the better the application, and that is the name of the tanning game. Moisturise those legs regularly and you’ll notice the difference!

Don’t de-fuzz beforehand

If you do need to shave your pins, make sure it’s done more than 24 hours before you apply your tan.

Cropped view of a woman shaving her legs

Simply have a quick shower before you get tanning to make sure your skin is lotion, potion and perfume-free.

Get the right shade for you

Finding that perfect colour of tan is essential. If you have traditional fair Irish skin, you’re going to want to stick with a light shade in order to look natural. Or if you’ve already got a natural glow, experiment with a darker colour. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is available in four natural-looking shades; light, medium, tan and deep.

Always use an applicator 

Once those palms get tanned, there ain’t no going back. Whether it’s a mitt, a glove, or even a fluffy sock, always reach for something to protect your hands. When it comes to tackling the back of your hands, a cotton pad is best.


Work from the bottom up

Start at your ankles and build all the way up to your shoulders – this will avoid any pesky marks when you bend over. Leave your hands and arms until last.

And voilà, there’s our simple guide to making the most of your next Tan Tuesday!

This article is sponsored by Sally Hansen. 

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs liquid and spray can be used all over the body for a beautiful matte finish.  Available in four natural-looking shades (light, medium, tan and deep), the lightweight spray and leg makeup goes on evenly leaving skin looking and feeling smooth and supple. 

The collection is available in lotion and spray in pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide.