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07th Jul 2022

Suzanne Jackson taking a “step back” from her business

A rebrand is also in the works.

Beauty entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson has informed her followers that she is taking a “step back” from her business.

Jackson, who founded SOSU Cosmetics in 2015, has shared that she has appointed a new CEO of the company.

In an interview with VIP Magazine, she said: “I have actually just hired a new CEO for my business.

“That CEO will be starting – all going well – in September and from then on I’m going to try to step back – a little – and let my amazing team take charge and I’m going to try to live a good couple of months here, in Portugal.”

In citing her reasons for taking a backseat in the business, Jackson said that she wants to see the company grow further, but understands that she can’t do so with her skill-set.

She told the publication: “I need my new team to take it to the next level and make it go global.”

The makeup mogul also shared that she will be rebranding SOSU by Suzanne Jackson to just SOSU Cosmetics for the US market.

“Quietly, I am rebranding to SOSU Cosmetics because I am taking my name away from the brand and let it be its own standalone,” she said. “Because no one in America is going to know who Suzanne is anyway.”

She added that she is “very excited” about her future prospects.

Suzanne also revealed that she has been working on her own brand, which is expected to launch next year. That brand, as well as consulting startups, will be her focus for the next while.

Suzanne first came to fame through her blog SoSueMe. She later branched out into the beauty world with her own line of products in 2015. She married her partner Dylan in the summer of 2015 and they subsequently bought a €1.8 million in Malahide.