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28th Jan 2022

Suzanne Jackson forced to pull Ultra Dark tan from market in April

Sarah McKenna Barry

Due to EU regulations, the product is coming off shelves in April.

Fans of one of Suzanne Jackson’s most popular tanning products have until April to stock up, as the Irish beauty entrepreneur must pull it from the market soon.

Jackson announced last night that due to incoming EU regulations which restrict the use of DHA in products, her SoSU Dripping Gold Ultra Dark will no longer be available in three months time.

DHA is the active ingredient in tanning products, and it interacts with amino acids to darken the appearance of dead skin cells. From April, all products must have no more than 10% of the ingredient.

On Instagram last night, Suzanne explained that her team were unable to come up with a formula compliant with the regulations in time, but they are continuing to work on a new version going forward.

She said: “I hate having to have this conversation because I thought this day would never come.”

She then explained that despite her best efforts to create Ultra Dark with a different formula, it’s simply “nowhere near being what it was”, which is “disappointing”.

She continued: “I’m hoping that as time moves on and as more ingredients become available we can eventually get that back to where it was. But from April 2022, it won’t be on the market.”

Suzanne did explain that she was able to recreate the Medium and Dark Dripping Gold formulas in line with the EU regulations.

She said: “Our stocks are limited- all we have in the warehouse is all we’re going to have until the reformulation kicks in- which we’re nearly there with our Medium and Dark.

“We just need to get the Ultra Dark to where it was, which as I said is proving difficult. But I’m hoping that by the end of the summer we’ll have it, I just don’t know if we’re going to have it by April.”