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02nd Jun 2016

Struggling to grow your hair? This is what you need to do

Disney princess hair.

Cathy Donohue

Disney princess hair.

The hair extension craze shows no sign of waning with many of us seeking long lustrous hair.

However if you’re trying to grow your hair naturally with zero success, it might be related to your scalp.

If you find your hair is constantly greasy and/or producing flakes, then it might be time to give your scalp some TLC.

A standard shampoo and condition may not be enough to cut the mustard and sometimes you need to cleanse your hair with products dedicated to the scalp area.

Speaking to She Finds, dermatologist, and expert on all-things scalp related, Francesca Fusco says it’s not enough to just use an anti-dandruff shampoo for a flaky scalp.

Concerned young woman combing hair in bathroom
Dandruff is never a good look

Fusco says that using a regular conditioner after an anti-dandruff shampoo often ends up just rinsing away the effects of the medicated shampoo. Which basically means you’re right back to where you started.

Another thing which can stimulate hair growth is scalp massage (bonus points for the fact that it’s super relaxing too) because it improves circulation.

She also recommends staying away from very hot showers because, over time, they can dehydrate your scalp.

Making these small changes should mean you see an improvement in your hair growth. FINALLY.