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03rd Nov 2019

SoSueMe’s €4 product to remove Shellac nails is one we all need

Very handy!

Chipping Shellac with no time to pop to the nail tech?

Yep, it happens to us all.

And there is nothing worse for your nails than picking away at the paint in an attempt to remove it yourself. Seriously, it’s not a good idea and you could seriously damage your nails.

So… we’re loving thus product from Suzanne Jackson’s beauty brand SOSUbySJ which will come in seriously handy for the gal on-the-go!

Yep, the “Gone Girl” acetone fake nail remover is one we need in our lives ASAP.

For €3.95, the product description is “salon nails off in seconds! Here today – gone tomorrow! Remove your SOSUbySJ faux nails in seconds with our brand new acetone nail polish remover.”

Not only does it also work for Shellac, but it also works for stick-on and extension nails too!

Tempted to give it a go? Us too.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Clip off false nail where it is longer than your natural nail.
  2. Soak nails with your Acetone Nail Polish Remover until false nail starts to dissolve.
  3. Buff away any residue. Do not force or pull off as it will damage your natural nail.

The dream – you can purchase the product online here.