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03rd Oct 2017

Sofia’s beauty regime: not exactly effortless but undeniably it works

She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and one of the most loveable and witty – hence why we love her.

Perhaps her beautiful hair and skin is all down to genes, or maybe, Sofia has a few tricks up her sleeve for keeping youthful and glowing. Not that there’s anything wrong with growing older by the way! Of course, it’s to be celebrated too.

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But in an interview with Us Weekly, the 45-year-old Modern Family star revealed she lathers on a load of coconut oil, wraps herself in ceramic wrap (aka cling film) and heads off to bed!

We can see how this works but good god, she’d want to be careful she doesn’t take a nasty spill – coconut oil is slippery stuff. She said;

“I put coconut oil all over my hair when Joe (her handsome husband) is out of town.

“I sleep in ceramic wrap and coconut oil everywhere.”

Who’s her beauty inspiration? Sofia Lauren. Can’t argue with that one now. And the beauty essentials she never leaves home without are mascara, lipstick and sunblock.

Sofia also offered us some very wise and sensible advice.

“No matter what’s going on in fashion, if you know that a certain colour looks good on you, stick to it. If you have good legs, then showcase your legs.”

Too right she is!