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14th May 2020

PSA: Visible roots are officially ‘in’ for summer 2020, thank God

In news that’s sure to make a lot of gals very happy, showing your roots is officially in for summer.

We’ve been despairing over our grow-out ever since the lockdown started but apparently we needn’t worry.

Low-maintenance, lived-in dyed hair is set to be a major trend this year.

We’ve seen stars like Margot Robbie, Rita Ora and Perrie Edwards embrace the visible root look this year and it’s about to go mainstream, according to a top colourist.


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“I’ve been a big fan of the rooted hair since before the quarantine,” Steph Brown, master colourist at IGK salon in New York City, told InStyle.

“It gives hair dimension, that lived-in beachy look, and you get a longer wear out of your highlights.

“I went for the rooted look before the shut down and I love it as you can still be bright all over without worrying about any harsh lines.”


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It’s a look that people will be opting for even post-isolation when we can all go back to the salon, Steph predicts.

As beauty moves into a new, more low-maintenance space, visible roots won’t be such a faux-pas.

With the recent news that we won’t be able to get to a hairdresser until July at the earliest, this is definitely a trend that we can get behind.