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01st May 2021

Ready for a change? Here are the most searched for hairstyles right now

most searched for hairstyles

OK – hands in the air – how many have already been on the phone or e-mail to your hairdressers to score an appointment as soon as possible once the salons finally open their doors again this month?

I know I have for sure. Goodbye outgrown roots and split ends!

Hair salons up and down the land have waiting lists at the moment, with all of us no doubt dying to get our locks tended to after months of DIY haircare and messy buns on repeat. But what are people asking for now that they can finally get some professional help again?

Data analysts at Milk + Blush recently conducted research to find out which hairstyles people have been searching for the most, and can you guess what came out on top?

Yep – the humble, yet always stylish, bob.

Forever a favourite, the chopped style still remains massively popular and really, it isn’t hard to see why.


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Fairly easy to maintain, well-cuts bobs are cool and simple and can be pulled off by so many as there are so many different options.

And the style has got a whole host of celebrity fans too, with Karlie Kloss, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba having all been seen rocking the style.


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And fear not if you re feeling a little anxious about a really blunt bob – you can always opt for something a little softer and less drastic. Another hairstyle that has seen thousands of searchers and Googles over the past month is curtain bangs.

This soft look is perfect for summer, suits pretty much any type of hair and face shape and is such an easy way to give your old hair cut a contemporary update right now.


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