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05th Mar 2022

Rainbow contour is trending – and it’s about to make our lives so much easier

Need to try this asap.

We love a good TikTok make up trend, and if you’ve been keeping up to date with them, you definitely won’t have missed this one.

Make up artists are taking to the video sharing platform to make our lives that little bit easier when it comes to contouring our faces.

The latest contouring trend hitting our social media is “Rainbow Contour”, but what is it and how do we nail it?

Rainbow Contouring is a new trend where we draw curves around our faces with liquid or cream contour, blush and concealer or foundation.

Once it’s applied all over our skin, we blend but before that, it should resemble a rainbow, and that’s where the name comes from.


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The idea behind this is to enhance or slim down certain facial features using liquid or cream products all in one go rather than separately applying products and lengthening the process.

According to Saffron Hughes, a makeup artist at, the end result is a “natural glowy look and avoids applying multiple layers which can result in products sitting in fine lines and a cakey appearance.”

And thankfully, there are thousands of videos on TikTok and Instagram showing countless tutorials on just how we can complete the look.

Most tutorials show the ream blusher being swept across the middle of the cheeks and the nose, while light concealer goes under the eyes and over the bridge of the nose in a similar curve.


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Then, you add the cream contour underneath the blush at the base of the cheeks and over the tip of the nose.

You then use a darker concealer or liquid foundation that goes underneath this curve, over the upper lip and lower cheeks.

You can also add foundation to any uncovered parts if needed, to enhance it anymore.

More contour is added at the top of the forehead and either side of the chin, finishing with light concealer in the centre of the chin and above the jawbone on both sides, while a final sweep of blush is added at the top of the forehead.

Blending it all together, and you’ll be achieve a natural, glowy finish.