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01st Sep 2021

Get your purse at the ready – Glossier has released a retinol

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They’ve got us again.

As if Glossier hasn’t taken enough from our bank accounts, not that we’re complaining, they’ve only gone and released their latest product.

Glossier can do no wrong, and with the hype they’ve gotten over the last few years, we already know their retinol is a must-have.

As our skin ages, and yes, it unfortunately has to, retinol is the one thing you need to add to your skincare routine to make sure it stays as plump and youthful as it can for as long as possible.

Better than any night cream you may have tried, retinol is all you need to really notice a difference.

Glossier released the brand new addition to their range of products yesterday, the Universal Pro-Retinol.

But what exactly is it? Glossier describes it as: “A nightly retinoid made for just about everyone, that does just about everything: improves the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, pores, dark spots, and uneven tone and texture, all while nourishing skin.

“It’s formulated with 0.5% pro-retinol in the form of Retinyl Sunflowerate—an innovative hybrid of pure retinol and sunflower seed fatty acids that gives you the benefits of a retinoid with fewer of the usual downsides.

“Stevia Leaf Extract supports the pro-retinol in helping to smooth the look of skin, specifically working on the fine lines. It’s one of many plant-based retinol alternatives you can find in nature.”

It’s vegan, it works for all skin types and it evens out your tone and texture, what more could you want?

Looking like any other cream you’d use, it’s easy to apply and comes in that oh so iconic pink packaging.

Glossier advises that you only use this product once or twice a week, as it can be quite harsh on the skin and always use it with sunscreen to give your skin better protection after use.

It’s also a good idea to use exfoliators and vitamin C regularly with it too to allow you to really see all the benefits.

This retinol costs €35 on their website for a 35ml bottle, but with the amount you need, this can last months.