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29th Jan 2018

How to prepare for your first bridal makeup trial in six easy steps

Prep is key.

Denise Curtin

Getting married?

Then you’re probably aware of all the things you need to say “I do” to before you even get to the alter.

From dresses, to seat tie-backs to the very finest of details – wedding planning can be tough work but organisation and preparation is key for keeping temperatures under control and the ball rolling.

So making to-do lists and creating vision boards are smart ideas for getting those creative juices flowing and ensuring your dream day does comes true.

One thing that should get you putting pen to paper is your thoughts and desires for your bridal makeup. A lot more is involved than just rocking up on the day and asking for a “subtle lip and smokey eye”, a makeup faux-pas is the last thing you need on your special day, so planning and scheduling a makeup trail is crucial.

But before you even set foot outside your door, here is a few things to think about before you book your makeup trial.

1. Cost

How much are you willing to spend? Cost is important as you need to think of your overall budget when planning every aspect of your wedding. So think of how much you want to put aside before you ever begin booking.

2. Artist

Now that you have a budget, think of who you want, if they are willing to travel and if they are available on your requested day. Looking at a MUA’s Instagram account and previous bridal makeup she has done before will give you an indication into the variety of styles she does and how they generally look. Narrow your choice down to a few ideal candidates incase one can’t do it, so you won’t be left heartbroken.

3. Style

Now it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Ask yourself – what theme is my wedding? What style is my dress? What is my hair like? And finally, what style makeup will suit all these factors? It is always a good idea to approach your bridal trial with a strong idea, even some imagery of makeup you have seen that you would like, this will give the artist something to work on, then you too can together plan the perfect look.

4. Skin concerns

Wedding makeup is all about enhancing your own natural beauty, so think about your complexion and areas that you may have an issue with, as this is something that’s important to flag with your artist beforehand.

5. Tanning

Are you getting a spray tan on the day? Are you DIY tanning? Or are you going au natural? These are all things to consider come makeup trail day to ensure the correct shade of foundation will match your tan and most importantly suit your skin. There is nothing worse than the tanned body – pale face look.

6. To fake it or not?

Lastly on your trial day, you are going to be asked whether or not you are going to wear false eyelashes on the big day. Trying them on for your trail is important if you are planning on wearing them, be it “full glam” or a delicate strip, having a think about your eyelashes now will save you last minute “will I, won’t I” panic on the day.

Overall, enjoy your trail, avail of any bubbles available to you, sit back and relax. These are the memories you will cherish.