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31st Jan 2018

The most popular contour palette on Amazon is only €10

Cathy Donohue

most popular contour palette

The contouring craze isn’t over just yet.

Although we’ve heard that contour is out and blush is in for 2018, the fact remains that contouring is a tried and tested technique loved by many.

With that in mind, we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon and there’s one palette that’s proving very popular at the moment…The E.l.f Contour Palette.

Considering it’s a bargain option at €10.75 we’re intrigued to see what all the fuss is about.

According to Jungle Scott, an Amazon product research tool, this particular beauty buy is the most searched contour kit from a direct seller on Amazon on a monthly basis.

The product description reads “designed to highlight, sharpen, and sculpt this Cream Contour Palette gives you a professional finish every time” which sounds pretty impressive given the affordable price tag.

If you’re not a fan of powder contours, E.l.f also do a cream contour palette and if you’re determined to work blush this year, there’s a blush palette too (all priced at €10.75).