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08th Jul 2019

We’re a month into the Perfectil beauty challenge and our skin is feeling AMAZING

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Perfectil 

Let that inner beauty shine through.

Some of us here at Her have been taking part in the Perfectil challenge for about a month now and already — we’re impressed. Not a pesky spot in sight, not even during the time of our period, for most.

The Perfectil 90-day challenge requires we take one Perfectil beauty vitamin supplement every day for 90 days. The supplements are chock-full of healthy and sustaining vitamins that are specifically designed to work wonders on our own natural features.

When we’re feeling or looking run down, a lot of the time it’s because we might not have enough healthy vitamins running through our veins. Without these, skin becomes dry, nails get weak, and our luscious hair begins to feel dry, losing its shine.

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The newest member of my morning skincare lineup ? As you probably know by now, I put serious time and effort into my skin. Serums, masks, overnight masks, eye cream, eye patches, it’s all happening. I’ve also taken steps in the last few months to try and strengthen my nails after years of using and abusing acrylic nails ? But the question is, am I nourishing myself from within? No (well, unless rosé counts as inner nourishment??) ??‍♀️ The clever people at @perfectilofficial know this and so they have challenged me to take their Original Beauty Supplement for 90 days. They call it a Beauty Supplement as it’s formulated with specific vitamins and minerals that help maintain the health of your skin, hair, and nails (we’re talking Vitamin C, D, E, B12, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, and lots more) ? So I’m onboard, day one is done (one tablet per day with a meal), and I’ll be back in three months time to have a post-challenge chat ? If anyone fancies doing this with me by the way (#moralsupport) their vitamins can be found from all leading pharmacies and they cost €12.99 a box. #ad #overandout #90daychallenge @vitabiotics #beautyfromwithin #beautyvitamins #morningroutine #beautygram #dublincity #dublin

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But don’t just take our word for it.

Personal trainer Nathalie Lennon, content marketer and skincare fanatic Simone Scribes and author, presenter and female advocate Maeve Madden have opted to partake in the challenge too, adding Perfectil to their summer beauty routines and with positive results too!

Between nails breaking FAR less often than they would naturally and giving hair that extra sheen we all so crave, all by sticking with the 90-day challenge is pretty amazing. It works because Nathalie, Simone, Maeve and ourselves have been taking Perfectil each day for three months straight, ensuring an increased amount of B vitamins through our bloodstream. B vitamins/biotin helps with skin maintenance, plus it contains lots of selenium and zinc, keeping nails strong and hair nourished.

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The importance of nutrition to the health of our skin, hair and nails is really important – but often we need a little extra help ♥️⁣ ⁣ My skin struggles continue on despite my healthy diet and efforts to stay well hydrated? I’m obsessed with becoming comfortable in my own skin, and helping others do the same. But no matter how self or body confident we want to be – it’s DAMN hard when we feel insecure about our skin or hair. I’m going to be taking @perfectilofficial #Perfectil as my beauty supplement to add to my daily routine over the next 90 days to help improve my own. I’ve spent so much of my savings trying to get to the route of my issues that the affordable price of Perfectil is very welcomed (€12.99) ?‍♀⁣ ⁣ It contains over 20 essential nutrients that help maintain skin, hair & nails including vitamins B2, B3 & Biotin ✅ Vitamin C ✅ Selenium & Zinc ✅⁣ ⁣ With any supplement you are making an informed decision to take, you need to allow it enough time to see or feel the benefits – so I’ll let y’all know how the next 90 days go ? ⁣ ⁣ Along side this I’ll be ensuring I always get plenty of fruit and veg daily, adequate hydration throughout the day and including healthy omegas steadily – nothing new there. ?⁣ ⁣ The skin diaries continue ?‍♀ here’s to a happy ending soon ?⁣ ⁣ #BeautyFromWithin #perfectilchallenge #Ad #Lifestyle

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Be sure to keep up to date on Instagram with how Nathalie, Simone and Maeve are getting on throughout the challenge. They’ll be telling all and giving a full rundown as to how everything went and what changes they noticed.

So if you’re feeling like your hair isn’t quite what it used to be, or your nails are breaking, consider the 90-day Perfectil challenge.

To our own natural beauty, ladies!

Find Perfectil at your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99 a box.

Brought to you by Perfectil

Perfectil’s range of beauty vitamins and minerals provide specific support to help maintain great looking skin, hair and nails all year round. Perfectil works by delivering nourishment through the bloodstream, working ‘from within’. Why not take the 90-day challenge and pick up a pack of Perfectil in your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99? For more information on the Perfectil range, visit the Perfectil online. Always consult your GP before taking supplements.