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15th Aug 2019

Once and for all, this is the order you should apply your skincare products in

Your step-by-step guide.

Orlaith Condon

beauty advice

There’s a lot more to it than just cleanse, tone, moisturiser.

The key to a good skincare routine is so much more than the products you choose to apply – the order in which you apply them makes a huge difference too.

A consistent and thorough skincare routine can have your skin seeing a huge difference in a very short period of time.

However, applying your products in the wrong order can sometimes render them completely useless.

Yes, the lovely serum you bought yourself might be going to waist if you’re not applying it at the right time.

So, let this be your step-by-step guide to your daily skincare routine.


1. Exfoliater

Once or twice a week, we should be exfoliating our skin. And if you are, it’s best to do it first before your thorough cleanse.

We’d recommend removing your makeup with some sort of muslin cloth and hot water first.

Exfoliation will help remove any dirt, dead skin and surface bacteria on the skin, leaving it ready and prepped for a good deep clean.


2. Cleanser

We’d imagine everyone knows this, but cleansing your skin after applying your moisturisers and serums is completely useless.

Making sure your skin is clean is the key to helping the products that follow sink into your skin and do the job they’re meant to.


3. Toner

A step many people skip with the notion that it’s ‘pointless’. Well, we hate to break it you, but forgetting to apply toner is like buying milk but forgetting to put it in the fridge.

Toner removes any residual dirt and product left over from cleansing.

Many toners can also act as a light exfoliant or hydration-boost for the skin.


4. Spot Cream

If you apply spot creams, this is when you should be doing it. There are no layers blocking it from doing its job, and it can be deeply absorbed with no barriers.


5. Serum

This is where people usually begin to get confused.

Your serum should be applied first as it is lighter in consistency than a moisturiser and therefore can do its job without having to break through a thick layer.


6. Eye Cream

Again, applying your eye cream now will let it get to work without any other products standing in its way.

It also acts as a reminder to keep your eye area free from moisturisers as they can be too heavy on the thin skin around the eyes.


7. Moisturiser

You’re so close, don’t give up yet!

Appling this on top of your serum helps lock it in. It can also still get to work as serums are usually very thin and lightweight.

Apply in circular motions to your skin which will also help improve the circulation in your face.


8. Facial Oil

This step is definitely optional, but we find this step the biggest treat in our routine.

This time of year, a facial oil can help hydrate dry and flaky skin, and leave you will that luminous glow that sometimes disappears in the winter months.

They usually smell divine too – bonus!


9. SPF 

Just to be used in the mornings, but it’s crucial to wear a decent SPF every day – even during winter.

Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount as many people only get SPF 10 our of their SPF 30 because they’re spreading it too thin.


We admit that an eight-step skincare routine does look intimidating (and time-consuming), but sticking to a thorough and consistent regime will have your skin looking gorgeous in no time.