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06th Jun 2017

The one thing we all do wrong when blowdrying our hair

Cathy Donohue

If you’re anything like us that is.

Hairdryers come with numerous attachments and seeing as we’re always in a rush, the heat and speed settings are the only features used.

The ‘directional nozzle’, there’s usually one or more included with your dryer, often gets ignored because it makes the whole process far slower.

If, like us, you’ve banished yours to the back of the wardrobe, go and retrieve it immediately because this is a key tool for the perfect blow-dry.

Hair guru Halli Bivona spoke to Byrdie about the most common mistakes made when trying to master blow-drying in the comfort of our own homes.

As you may have heard from your own hairdresser, sectioning is key as is using the right products and of course, the proper brush for your desired blowdry too.

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However, conquering the directional nozzle is the difference between a good blow-dry and a great one.

Halli said:

“Hairstylists rely on them to give the best blowouts possible. If you’re using a blowdryer without a directional nozzle attached, it’ll push your hair cuticle in different directions and rough up your texture.

Hairstylists use the nozzle to force the hair cuticle down and create a smooth, shiny appearance.”

Main image via Instagram: Kerastasé/ Amanda Marrufo Hairstylist