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06th Jan 2019

This mascara hack will give you super-long lashes – and works with any brand

Simple and oh-so affordable.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Mascara is the one beauty product that a lot of us seem to have strong opinions on.

That and a brand that works for one person, doesn’t always do the trick for another.

However, I’ve been recently putting to the test a hack that I truthfully cannot recommend enough.

Best of all – you can use it with all brands. Right now, for example, my mascaras of choice are budget-options from Essence and Rimmel.

The trick? Layering two different types of product for your all-time ultimate lashes.

A quick search online – and it seems that this technique it called ‘mascara cocktailing’.

MUAs usually recommend that you use a thickening mascara on clean lashes to begin, followed by a specialist lengthening product to conclude.

However, I never specifically sought out different types of mascara – I just selected two brands from whatever happened to be in my make-up bag… and I’ve been delighted with the results.

That’s not to say that mascara cocktailing can’t be a fine art: beauty editors and bloggers often come up with their own concoctions and formulas involving a mix of different brands, strains, and colours for wowzers lashes.

I love the concept of coming up with your own unique recipe for bigger, brighter eyes. Definitely, this is one hack I’ll be exploring further.