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31st Aug 2017

Oh god… your new eyebrow shape is here (and it’s woeful)

It's gone too far

Olivia Hayes

This just looks so ridiculous.

When we try out make-up trends, it’s mostly for the purpose of looking better.

Picking out our best features and capitalising on them is something we always strive to do.

Making ourselves looks like fairies and unicorns is also something we like to do when festival season rolls around.

So, in other words, we try out trends to make ourselves feel good, and even though these girls are all beautiful, we’re not digging their eyebrows.

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Move over HD… because squiggle brows are all the rage on social media now.

The trend is all over Instagram lately and while it may be fun to try out, we can’t see it making its way into society.

Imagine the prep!

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We can hardly manage our brows as they are, never mind a few curves put in them.

We’re all in the name of trying everything once, but we think we might have to pass on this one.

Sorry squiggle brows….