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30th Jul 2019

A new serum for your over-plucked eyebrows is here so, prepare for hair

Brows on fleek.

Thankfully, there’s a serum for everything these days.

From dehydrated skin to bitty lashes, serum is saving the day and our skin by nourishing us one pore at a time back to a more revived and fuller look.

A necessary part of our skin routine, I’m a massive advocate of serums and so, hearing about a new serum that is made with 94 percent natural ingredients and helps to grow back noughties brows sounds like a real treat.

It’s also no surprise that this new “wonder product” comes from Milk Makeup.

The cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan line is a massive hit with makeup lovers across the globe and so, we’re reckoning this new addition will be a massive hit.

As part of their “Kush Growhouse” collection (makeup that contains a little bit of cannabis in the formula),  this “Lash + Brow Serum” is said to revive over-plucked brows in four weeks.


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As well as a predominately natural formula, the cannabis seed extract is ideal for conditioning and strengthening individual hairs, giving you thicker and fuller eyebrows and lashes. Like, what more can you ask for?

Cute packaging? You’ve got that as well. All Milk Makeup products feature minimalistic packaging that makes it perfect for flat lays and sitting pretty on your dresser which I mean, is always a bonus.

You can purchase the serum online via Milk Makeup now or, if you’re near a Sephora soon they’ll be in stock from August 9.