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11th Jan 2018

A new cream is claiming to protect you from harmful blue phone lights


Denise Curtin

Introducing Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen.

In a fast world of tech driven, social media addicts – American beauty company Supergoop is bringing out a cream to protect your skin from the light which comes off your phone.

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A light, weightless cream that they claim appears “invisible”, has SPF 40 and most importantly contains red algae which helps protect your skin from the harmful (and damaging) effects of blue light – something that’s often emitted from your phones, computers, and smart devices.

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Now the brand recommends applying the cream every two hours (which seems a little excessive), but they also state it creates a perfect moisturiser to apply underneath your makeup which sounds more feasible for us.

Although the “unseen sunscreen” is not available in Ireland as of yet – you can purchase their other products here.

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