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15th Jan 2018

A new affordable makeup brand has just hit the shelves in Boots

Cheap and cheerful.

We likey.

Forever on the hunt for good, affordable “drugstore makeup”, Boots has announced the addition of another cosmetics brand and we like the sound of it.

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C.Y.O, a strong competitor for E.l.f and NYX has just hit the online shelves and it looks gorge. The American brand which first launched globally in August 2017, has a range of products from highlighters to metallic eyeshadows (which look like MAC dupes) and the entire line is made up of 160 products that are bold, edgy and look exactly like what we need for a night on the tiles.

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The range varies in price from €4.50 – €9.50, meaning you could essentially nab yourself an entire makeup bag from primer to eyeshadow palettes and even foundation for under €40. Insane.

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The cosmetic range designed to suit every budget has already received some fantastic reviews online with big makeup YouTubers giving it the overall thumbs up.

According to one of the brand’s directors, Lauren Consiglio – she spoke at the launch of the line saying:

“C.Y.O is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used — we’re giving make-up a shake up.”

She continued…

“This is for the new generation of beauty lovers who want to create and re-create the many versions of themselves. We’ll never say ‘do this’ or ‘look like that’, instead we’ll produce high-quality, functional products that let them experiment and have fun.”

51 of the products are now available online here from Boots, with the hopes of moving into stores soon.