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09th Nov 2021

Could Mushroom Blonde be the hair colour of the season?

Sarah McKenna Barry

BRB, booking my next salon visit.

As we lead up to the Christmas holidays, you may be considering your next move when it comes to hair colour.

This season alone has seen some pretty gorgeous hair trends do the rounds. We’re talking Cold Brew Brunette, Toasted Marshmallow Blonde and Pumpkin Spice Auburn.

The latest hair colour trend, however, may be the season’s most popular.

It’s called Mushroom Blonde, and it’s gaining some serious traction on Pinterest.

The social media platform’s Head of Beauty and Grooming, Tom Spratt, recently explained the appeal of this shroom-inspired shade.

He said: “We’ve noticed that those looking to switch up their hair colour this Autumn/Winter are turning to their celebrity favourites for ultimate inspiration.

“From the Kardashians who are seeing if blondes really do have more fun, to Hailey Bieber, who has gone to the dark side – as the season’s change, the nation’s hair shades are set to change too. In particular, searches for ‘mushroom hair colour’ have grown – a tone which we expect will continue in popularity over the coming months.”

So, beyond being at the crossroads of blonde and brunette, what exactly is Mushroom Blonde? Well, as its name suggests, the tone is similar to that of the divisive fungi – it’s a little bit ashy, a little bit understated and muted, but seriously chic and absolutely ideal for the wintery months ahead.

Getting a bit more technical, the experts over at L’Oréal break down exactly what the colour entails on their website.

They write: “For this hair color trend, the varied ashy shades of a mushroom and the darker tones found on their undersides are mirrored on the hair. While you may not have known to call it mushroom blonde, you’ve likely seen this look before. It’s an ashy, gray blonde with dark undertones.”

If you’re keen to embrace mushroom blonde, it’s best to ask your stylist for a light brown ombré shade with dark blonde pieces, or the reverse – a dark blonde ombré with light brunette finishes.

Better yet, take a screen-grab of the colour you’re after, and your stylist will be happy to find the right shade for you.