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29th Oct 2021

Move over middle part – ’00s side fringes are making a comeback

Katy Brennan

We are so ready for this.

When gen Z decided to cancel the side part, a lot of us were pretty devastated. Fortunately for millennials, the middle part may be stepping aside sooner than we think and letting its predecessor return.

Back in the day, the deeper and swoopier your fringe was, the cooler you were. No matter who you were, emo or girly-girl, everyone was rocking a side fringe.

It seems like everybody is getting a fringe at the moment. Zendaya just perfected the full fringe, Billie Eilish has been sporting one with her freshly trimmed blonde do, and Megan Fox tried out a micro-fringe on the cover on the Autumn/ Winter of GQ Style.

Ariana Grande has remained dedicated to her extreme side swept bangs for years, while everyone else turned their backs – and maybe we should’ve taken note.

If you’ve decided to re-embrace your ’00s hairdo, there’s a few different ways to do it.

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has been spotted with a wispy side fringe and its super sultry and chic. In pictures posted on Instagram, she showed off the new fringe which falls lightly across the forehead in little tufts.

Madison Beer served us her glossy version of the side fringe back in September at the 2021 VMAs, opting for a side part and longer fringe that effortlessly falls beside the eyes. This cheekbone-length flicked fringe is also pretty versatile as it’s long enough to be tied back.

Kendall Jenner also joined the side fringe gang on Instagram, opting for a messy shoulder length cut with a full blow-dry and side-parted fringe – and the result is ultra-glam.

And finally, if you’re not ready to fully commit to a fringe, you can take a leaf out of Dua Lipa’s book. By parting your hair to the side and curling it away from your face you can achieve the look temporarily without commitment.

So there you have it, goodbye middle parts. We are so ready for the side fringe revival.