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30th Jan 2022

Mermaid waves are trending – and these heatless rollers will help you DIY them at home

Trine Jensen-Burke

mermaid waves

Never mind hot girl summer, we are going for hot girl spring with mermaid curls even Ariel herself would have been envious of.

Beautiful, tousled waves are in – and we are not surprised. The sexiest hair of all, I think we can all agree, hair that looks as if you have just woken up, or danced barefoot on a beach somewhere, it really is no wonder we all want it.

And if you are all about mermaid hair too this spring, you might have been spending far too much time already curling and crimping your hair into perfection.

However – there is no denying that heated stylers are not the best news for our locks, and can make your mane go from glossy to frizzy in no time.

The solution? These heatless rollers are currently trending on TikTok, promising you all the mermaid hair vibes, with none of the heat damage.

TikTok user (@sarasaadia) tested the Willbond spiral hair curlers and honestly? We’re kind of obsessed with the results. Just take a look:

@sarasaadia This is the craziest thing I’ve done so far lol? #hairhacks #heatlesswaves #hairtrends #hairtools #noheatcurls #hairtutorials ♬ original sound – sarasaadia

“I think this is the dumbest thing in my life but, knowing me, I naturally have to try it.” Sara explains in her first video (she uploaded three in total on hesrself trying the rollers out).

She then proceeds to dampen her hair before putting the rollers in, and this will give the most defines curls once you take them out, apparently.

Although the curlers are meant to be slept in, Sara explains she takes them out after a few hours as they were hurting her head.  And we have got to agree here – They do indeed look uncomfortable to sleep in.

In her next video, Sara then shows her removing the curlers and – after a lacklustre first hair strand – and can we all agree the results ar seriously impressive: super-defined waves totally worthy of a mermaid!

@sarasaadia Reply to @maissa_me Enjoy the ASMR ? #hairhacks #noheatwaves #hairtutorial #hairresults #hairtools #noheathairstyles ♬ original sound – sarasaadia

And the best news? These heatless rollers are available to order on Amazon for just €30!