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20th Apr 2017

Make-up artists everywhere are OBSESSED with this Irish wonder product

We’re all interested in feng shui-ing our beauty routines, but some of the top TV make-up artists are simplifying their entire tool kits, replacing a handful of products with one incredible (Irish-made) multi-tasker.

Introducing Modern Botany; a 100% natural blend of soothing chamomile, anti-inflammatory calendula, nourishing flax-seed oil and arnica, which is renowned for its ability to clear up bruises.

Produced in West Cork, it’s the secret weapon of The Voice UK make-up chief Adam de Cruz, who uses it on the set of the hit TV show.

We caught up with Adam in Dublin this week to find out more about this magical multi-tasker.

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“It’s ideal to use on every skin type. One of the biggest make-up faux pas I see Irish women make is unnatural foundation. It’s fine to wear a lot of make-up, but it looks better when it’s more real. This is where I use Modern Botany to give skin that glow.”

So how do you use it?

“Pour a drop into your hands,” Adam explains, “Then rub your hands together to warm up the oil and simply press into your cheeks.”

“I also use it as a moisturiser before applying make-up. Spritz your face with Evian or water mixed with colloidal silver, then use a drop of Modern Botany oil to massage the entire face. It’s even great for acne-prone skin, it’s extremely healing.”

Fans also use the oil (which smells divine) as a body moisturiser and cleanser and it can even be used as a hair oil for taming split ends and adding gloss.

“It’s a dream to use when your make-up needs freshening up too. I dab a brush in a little oil and use it to buff the skin where the make-up settled into the skin around the eyes. It just freshens everything up beautifully.”

You can find Modern Botany here and in select shops such as Sevenwood on Dublin’s Dawson Street. One bottle (€35) lasts for six months too so it’s a bargain to boot.