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15th Sep 2023

A-list skincare expert shares her summer to autumn transition skincare tips

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The summer is finally over in Ireland and our skin will quickly notice the autumnal difference.

According to Twelve Beauty, “when we go from warm to cold weather (and especially from autumn to winter) our skin has to deal with rapid climate fluctuations that can leave it quite stressed.

“The drop in both ambient temperature and humidity causes a reduction in the amount of sebum and perspiration produced by the skin.”

As a consequence of this, the experts say our skin hydration levels plummet, leading to drier complexions which, “in turn are more vulnerable to external aggressions”.

As the days go by, our skin can suffer damage to the natural protection barrier as it is continuously compromised.

This can lead to problems such as itchiness, irritation and inflammation.

However, Skin Therapist to the stars, Guendalina Gennari, has given her advice as we head towards a seasonal change.

Guendalina has worked with clients like Gillian Anderson, Carey Mulligan, Rege Jean Page and Jodie Turner Smith at her Notting Hill practice.

Here are her top tips for the end of the summer months so that you can get ahead of the changes and make sure your skin survives.

End of summer skincare tips:

“I recommend loads of hydration,” she said.

“Wear a good sunscreen every day, even when there is little sun and use active skincare ingredients every night.

“Have a facial if you’ve been on holiday. I always tell my clients to apply the length of two fingers in SPF and make sure they cover their neck and ears as well.”

She went on to say: “Many people think it’s a good idea to apply hydrating masks or creams during a flight, but this is actually wrong.

“I always suggest doing a deep hydration mask after the flight instead, as the cabin environment absorbs all the moisture out of these products, rendering them basically useless.”