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24th Jul 2018

The latest beauty trend sparked by Meghan Markle could be the most bizarre yet

Would you go under the needle?

Just when you thought there couldn’t be even more hype around Meghan Markle, this happens…

It looks like the Duchess is causing a surge in the number of people looking to get “freckling” according to Harper’s Bazaar. “Freckling” is the term used to create hand poked tattoos on the face to give you “freckle effect” just like Meghan’s.

One hairdresser from LA, who goes by the name, Ally Meadows, spoke to the publication saying that after she saw Meghan’s freckles, she wanted them herself.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh, this girl’s so gorgeous,'” she says. “I started Googling ‘Meghan Markle no makeup’ to find inspiration.

“I got a couple on my forehead, [because Meghan] has a couple on her forehead,” she explained. I’m obsessed, I think it’s so stinking cute.”

Tattooed freckles last approximately two years with tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow admitting that she has seen a surge since the royal wedding.

Apparently, when you get freckle tattoos, they appear like swollen bee stings for a couple of hours but soon after, you’re skin relaxes and you’re left with the “fake freckling”.

Think this is something you would get done? Many have also opted for “freckling” on their foreheads due to Meghan’s more dominant freckles here.

I’m intrigued, but it certainly isn’t enough for me to go under the needle.